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How to Pair the Right Shirt with the Right Suit

Pairing the right shirt with the right suit may sound easy, but it’s not always clear-cut. Depending on your taste and style, there are several options. We’ve narrowed down the simplest ones and can help you with style pairings that always look good.

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Double-Breasted Suits and Tab or Pin Collar Shirts

Now that the double-breasted suit is back, you need to know what to pair it with. Pin or tab collar shirts are the perfect complement as they balance the wider double breast with their pointed collars, and this adds to their air of masculinity.

Grandad Collars and Waistcoats

If you love the dapper look that’s a little less formal and slightly less conventional, granddad collars are a great choice when paired with a waistcoat. These collars are said to originate from when the wives of foundry workers in New York cut their husband’s grimy collars off their shirts, leaving them with the rounded neck, and they perfectly offset the sharp lines of a waistcoat. If you want to add an extra touch of class, you can don braces, but these should be in a darker colour so they stand out rather than blend in.

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Mix and Match

If you have a suit with a pattern or a texture or one that is brightly coloured, you can mix and match your shirts according to your own personal style. Farah shirts like those that are available at are a great option, especially if they are in contrasting colours to your suit. If you prefer more of a classic look, you can go for lighter or neutral shades to offset the colour of your suit.

Tuxedo Jackets and Contrasting Shirts

The inner lining of a tuxedo jacket is usually a silver or ivory shade, and when paired with a contrasting shirt colour, it can make a striking statement. This option is not for the shy; it stands out, and you will be noticed. Another trick here is to add a contrasting bow tie. If your shirt and tuxedo tend to be more on the staid side, you can add a dash of colour with a bow tie, bringing the outfit together perfectly. If you are really brave, try pairing this with matching coloured socks and see who notices!…

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How to Make the Most of Fashion in Your Daily Life

Do you feel lost when you are in fashion and do you want to work with fashion sense now? If this is what you always think about, it’s time to do it now.

Choosing Fashion In Accordance with Age

Dressing reflects your age accurately. If you are a young professional woman. Do not go or work should you dress like someone in your teens. On the other hand, if you are a teenager. Do not dress in a style that older women will feel comfortable.

Determining the Right Size

Do not be afraid to increase the size to get your fashion perfection. This can be very sad when you try your regular sizes only to find it does not fit. Do not worry! Sizes vary from designer and brand, so it does not matter raising the size of the usual size.

If you want to buy a new perfume or perfume, try samples from the store first. Spray the scent, and wait about fifteen minutes. Kiss to see how he interacts with your natural scent. Just because you like the way, the scent on others does not guarantee that it will have the same scent on you.


Flip-flops are a kind of footwear that is convenient for casual occasions but does not use them for work or informal situations. Look for sleek yet comfortable shoes with low heels to work every day. High heels should be reserved for formal occasions, especially if you do not have to stand or walk very far.

Choosing the Right Hair Color

If you have a little gray hair in your hair, consider using a semi-permanent dye. The gray color will be the same color as the rest of your hair and will last about two months. While you can not really brighten your hair with this tactic, you can choose to darken your key if you wish.

Color Clothes

A good fashion tip is to choose your outfit for the day by color. You do not want to step outside with your shirts and shorts clashing because they are free colors. Experiment with different color combinations and see which colors you like and which color combinations you do not like.

Latest Fashion Trends

To ensure that you can get the latest fashion trends, you’ll want to make sure you’re as small as possible. Diet and sports so you do not feel embarrassed because you can not get into some of the latest trends this season has to offer style to you.

Fashion newsletters can subscribe to help keep up with the latest trends. Lead your friends in the style scene by knowing beforehand what looks, colors and fabrics are on the fashion horizon.

Fashion is hopefully now something that you feel you can handle. What will do for you is it will make you feel great because you will know exactly what to wear. This article should improve your fashion sense.…

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A Quick Rundown of Options

How to Style Your Hair Up

There are a lot of girls out there who really want to look beautiful and one way that they can do this is to style their hair up and you can do this as well. If you have been using the same hairstyle for years and years now and you really want a change, you should really go and try something new. You may have seen a lot women out there with different kinds of hairstyles and you may have wanted to try these hairstyles but you do not know how you can do them and if you do not know how, you should go to a salon and have them do these things for you. In this article, we are going to be talking about some hairstyles that you can try out to make you look really dashing and really beautiful as well so stick around to learn about some hairstyles that you can try out.

The fist hairstyle that we are going to be looking at today is the braid which is a really old hairstyle but a very elegant one indeed. You may never have tried braiding your hair before because you do not know how to do it or maybe you just did not have the time to sit down and have someone do a braid for you. If your hair is just shoulder length, you may think that a braid will not do for you but it actually can because you can choose to do the french braid which is not only the bottom of your hair but starts at the top of your hair so you can still get to enjoy a braid even though your hair is not long. You can add whatever you want to to your braid to make it look better or you can color your hair so that when you braid your hair, it will look really cool. You can really still try this braid hairstyle even if your hair is not that long so you should really give it a go.

A hair bun might not sound that great or that stylish but it can actually get really stylish if you want it to. While this may not seem like a very fancy hairstyle, it is very useful and it can also look really pretty as well. This hairstyle is really simple yet really beautiful indeed so if you have never put your hair in a bun before, you should really try to do it today. There are also ways that you can improvise your bun so you can do two buns on each side of your head or you can do a low bun whichever way you like. You should really think about trying these two new hairstyles that we have looked up here today. Blog post check this out right here photo source visit.…

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Males’s Designer Clothes

Trend Developments & Ideas : Recycle Your Outdated Clothes Into New Trend. Denims turned a wardrobe staple and came in a wide variety of styles, together with acid washed, stone washed, stretch denim, cropped skinnies, and preripped. As trends are recycled and a long time revisited we are able to only hope that the 80s stays within the 80s, and spare ourselves from the embarrassment of oversized clothes and blinding colors.\n\nAlthough they are thought-about indie, additionally they make you look like a grandma. There are some unbelievable brands of clothing on the market as we speak such as Hollister, Aeropostale, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Child Phat. Let’s face it there is no such thing as a other color that can make a louder style statement than crimson.\n\nCharles Frederick Worth, who within the 19th century was the primary fashion designer to have his label sewn into the clothes that he painstakingly created, would be smiling at how the clothing design software may help churn out creative vogue concepts in minutes, and not in weeks as was the case method again then.\n\nSebagian besar dari kalian pasti memilih pakaian dengan mannequin, pola atau warna yang kalian sukai. Blue is likely one of the most popular colors for weddings. Tadinya banyak orang menganggap bahwa celana jogger hanya sebagai celana coaching biasa yang dipakai untuk olahraga saja.\n\nHere at MADELEINE, our assortment shows that there’s a approach to mix both stunning classics and enjoyable new tendencies with nicely-crafted designs, luxurious in addition to functional supplies and unique detailing. Men who do not wear tattoos and men that do are united of their concern that so many women now have nice tapestries of black and multicoloured inks on backs, butts and breasts.…

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Spring And Summer season Trend Developments

Daftar alamat distro dan clothes seluruh Indonesia. I think I’d slightly admire Johnny Depp for his movie work than his non-public life and look. Punk trend within the 80s was one of the most surprising youth actions the world had ever seen. What we are seeing as we speak compared to what’s gone earlier than is, based on Glenville, a lot heavier-handed … a slight overstatement”.\n\nCelana ini mirip dengan celana coaching yang biasa dipakai untuk olahraga. Even worse, he appears to consider that women’s clothes needs to be designed to please males! A lightweight jersey, sweater or cardigan in navy is a good technique to cowl up and preserve the sea breeze chill factor at bay.\n\nThere are many girls around immediately who are thankful they do not need to wear frills in the name of vogue like pre-war ladies did. Usaha Cloting Store ini berbentuk Usaha milik Sendiri / Perorangan, dan tidak memiliki kaitan dengan orang lain. Single giant stones that dangle in a pendant configuration are in. Girls will probably be sporting bright and considerably bigger attraction bracelets, and necklaces this season.\n\nThese shops represent every thing the indie culture opposes. Many designers including just a splash of color to the black and white mixture, red being one of many fashionable additions, as well as cheery yellow. In truth, we not only matched one of the colours in our shirt, however sometimes every colour!\n\nThe mint colors are fabulous… makes me need to buy groceries NOW!! Moccasins and boat footwear add a contact of class to your indie wardrobe. Nick Tahir, head of menswear buying at River Island says it has been one among their greatest developments of the last few seasons”.…

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Fashion Business Writing Tips

Judith C. Everett and Kristen K. Swanson, who wrote Writing for the Fashion Business, have some tips to share for those who write for the fashion industry. In this article, we will be taking a close look at the writing process for articles such as fashion trends and plus size news and sharing some valuable writing tips.

Creativity and structure are needed in order to write effective fashion message. Mandell and Kirszner provide a six-stage structure of the overall writing process.

  1. Planning – consider the tone, audience, and purpose; select a topic; find ideas to write your piece of content about.
  2. Shaping – Determine how the material will be organised.
  3. Drafting – Write your first draft.
  4. Revising – “re-see” what you wrote; written the second draft.
  5. Editing – Chech mechanics, punctuation, spelling, and grammar.
  6. Proofreading – Check for any typographical errors.

Purpose and Planning

Great writing has been designed to have a specific tone, audience, and purpose in mind. To begin a piece of writing, the best thing to do is to select a topic and then conduct research to determine how to write about it. As you are reading and learning about the topic, you need to consider what you would like to say regarding the subject. As the writer, you need to clearly understand the topic before you can effectively communicate it to readers.

As you begin to think logically about your topic, you will start identifying your purpose statement or central idea. When you write a purpose statement it results in you determine exactly what you are writing about and the type of response you would like to get from your audience. Your purpose statement may become the outline’s lead-in sentence or just the first couple of words of your article. Your purpose statement may be direct, start with the purpose, or it may be more indirect, and draw the reader into your subject by using an attention-getting statement before the purpose statement.


Writing is all done for a specific audience. The particular viewers or readers that are being targeted by a piece of writing is its audience. According to Eakins (2005), the following four questions should be answered by the writer when they are profiling their audience:

  • Who will be reading the message?
  • How much do readers know about the topic?
  • What is the specific relationship between the writer and readers?
  • What is the audience’s reading style?

Who will be reading the message?

Be very specific about who the actual readers are. Imagine them in as you are sitting down to write. Although you might not know your readers’ names, you can create a general overall profile of them. This profile may include all or some of these characteristics: reader’s expectations, rapport with readers, the reader’s needs, culture, occupational background, education, and age. Your messages should always be tailored to meet your audience’s needs.

How much do readers know about the topic?

To make a connection with your audience, it is essential for you to understand how familiar they are with the subject. Audiences range from having high levels of understanding to knowing very little about a topic. You need to determine where your audience is, and then write your content to that level.

What is the specific relationship between the writer and readers?

Various fashion messages portray diverse relationships between an audience and writer. This is illustrated quite clearly by television show hosts when they talk to their audience like they were their long-time friends. When addressing their audience they use a conversational approach. However, a very different relationship is portrayed by a letter informing stockholders of an annual meeting. Although stockholders to have a vested interest in a company, frequently the writer doesn’t know them.

What is the audience’s reading style?

Not all pieces of writing are read in the same way. A reader might read slowly when reading a fiction piece, and absorb every word while becoming immersed in the story’s plot. However, this same reader might quickly read an online newspaper’s headlines, just to get the highlights.

If you are writing an article where you expect that the reader will be searching, skimming or scanning, state your message’s purpose very directly in the heading or the first sentence in the first paragraph. Write in a concise manner so that your readers can search for and locate the information they are looking for effectively and efficiently.…

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Choosing Bespoke: The Must-have Accessories and Clothing Items Made Just for You

To make a “grand entrance” to the Met Gala in the year 2016, Charlotte Stockdale approached the Savile Row tailor Huntsman in order to create a white-tie-and-tails formfitting ensemble, which was a traditional men’s style in the form of a women’s formal-outfit. This stylist who is now a fashion entrepreneur including out of the most notables, which include Nicole Kidman, Daphne Guinness, Katharine Hepburn and Coco Chanel have all had outfits made by Huntsman. This clearly capitalizes a true sense of authority and confidence which is associated with wearing clothing that has been exceptionally tailored.

She has also managed to astound us with her “sartorial” boundary pushing. For example, this year formal suits have made a dramatic strong showing when it comes to the runways from Paris to New York, making it the time for experiencing the empowerment which goes into bespoke and bespoke attire or the customizable accessories. As soon as you have made the choice to have your suit-jacket made exactly for your style and shape, which is handcrafted to accentuate all your assets and minimize any flaws, you will find that you can never return to clothes off-the-rack.

Tailor Made: Stylish Suits That Every Women Needs

In its 169th year, Huntsman forms a part of many top-rated tailors that offer bespoke suits for women. When ordering one of these suits that comes from their London-based house will start off with a consultation with one of the cutters at either the Savile Row, their flagship shop or at the New York pied-à-Terre, to take measurements and to choose fabrics, buttons, lining and more. The cutters that work for Huntsman also travel to the main cities across the globe throughout the year to meet up privately with clients. These garments usually necessitate 3 fittings. The prices for these bespoke suits begin at around £7,400.

The go-to source in Paris for the bespoke suits for women is Cifonelli, who has a well-known reputation for serving a few of the best-dressed men in the world over the decades. Located in a salon, by-appointment-only at the Rue Marbeuf, the house of Cifonelli is a family owned business now run by 4th-generation cousins Lorenzo and Massimo Cifonelli. The two meet with their clients in order to take measurements, followed by cutting patterns which are then passed on to their team of in-house, highly trained artisans for sewing. Nowadays, the cousins are most often travelling on aeroplanes to meet up with their clients from Dallas to Singapore. These suits start at around £7,000.

The insider’s secret when it comes to true Neapolitan tailoring would have to be Isaia. This brand of men’s suits also makes women’s tuxedo’s and suits, which many women have discovered when they have accompanied their partners to the shops in San Francisco, New York and Milan. Isaia makes women’s tuxedos, suits and smoking jackets in their signature colourful and luxurious fabrics, exactly to the liking of their customer’s. The price for these bespoke jackets begins at £3,925.

Greater Goods: Stylish and Chic Leather Accessories to Match Up to All Occasions

Moynat, one of the favoured leather-goods house, creates chic bespoke gloves, but it does require a bit of patience. It usually takes up to 3 weeks for delivery of the final products. This same brand also customizes gloves for all occasions. For example, Rebecca Couture Millinery offers their made-to-measure programme in association with their signature hats. Here buyers are able to select from a range of different details and linings.

Aspey also customizes hats as well as offering an array of fashionable choices. To help their clients to decide on what they want, this British brand offers bespoke-service boxes in their UK-based online shop which offers samples from previous collections, with all of them designed to the specifications of their customers. Their products are all handcrafted in their brand workshops.

Sole Artist: The Coolest of the Custom Kicks

John Lobb has been in the business of creating bespoke boots and shoes for women for around 150 years. These processes start off with a consultation with the master bootmaker of the company, who takes the foot measurements and then hand-sculpts the exact shape of the foot of each customer using hornbeam wood. There is first a trial shoe made and then modified, before making a final shoe which is handmade. This process usually takes between 8 to 10 months, with prices starting at around £7,300.…

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