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Tips On Choosing Professional Drug Testing Kits

With the need for doing a drug test comes also the need to get drug testing kits that will give the best results. There are different kinds of drug testing kits and all give different results. Because of the great need for accurate results, you will need to find the best quality kits when doing drug tests on employees. A good quality kit will be able to expose anything that can be exposed, every kind of drugs used. Consider the following factors when searching for the best drug testing kit for your workplace.

Number one thing to think about is which drugs you want to test for. Although all drugs will have some impact on the quality of work an employee produces, most companies focus their tests on one or two drugs. If you want to focus on only one drug, go for the single panel kits. When testing for more than one drug, you will need the multi-panel drug testing kits. The single panel kits will only detect one drug at a time.

Consider also what span of time do you want to test for drug use. You will find that some managers don’t mind if their employees use drugs when they are away from the company. What the workers do while at their jobs is what matters most to these mangers. The kits needed in this case are those than test for drugs in a short period of time. Some managers feel that the history of their employee says a lot about who they are so they prefer to know more. To get this kind of results, the kits should have the ability to identify the use of drugs at least a few weeks.

Depending on the time period you want to test, you can choose to use whether a urine sample, hair, saliva or blood. It will be important to consider the span of time drugs stay in urine or saliva so as to increase the chances of the drugs being detected. Knowing this, you will be able to make an informed choice on the kits. An important tool in the kit is the drug test detection chart that shows the amount of time different drugs stay in your body.

You of course want accurate results so you will need a kit that will give you just that. Just like in the purchase of anything else, good quality will mean a higher cost. Be careful with the cheap kits because they are most likely of low quality or deficient. You will definitely not get the accurate outcomes you are looking for. The substandard kits may let some drugs pass and therefore give a negative drug test to someone who deserved a positive. These kits might also mess you up by detecting drugs that are not there in some samples and make guilty an employee who is guiltless.
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