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Fashion Jewelry Trends for the Upcoming Year at the Perfect Jewelry Store

Winter is quickly approaching, and many people are looking to update their wardrobe for the coming months. When doing so, don’t overlook fashion jewelry. This is a great way to incorporate new trends into the wardrobe without spending a fortune to do so. Following are some fashion jewelry trends that experts say will be seen in the coming year.

Simple Rings

Stackable rings remain popular for 2019, and dainty rings are the preferred choice of many. However, this does not mean that a person must completely avoid oversized rings worn in pairs or a different ring on every finger. The key to successfully wearing rings it to put them in pairs or even triple the rings on one finger. The sky is the limit when it comes to this fashion jewelry trend, and those who really want to stand out in the crowd may even choose to wear rings over their gloves instead of hiding them underneath.

Rhinestones and Crystals

Semi-precious stones will be hot again in the coming months. However, don’t settle for cheap imitations. When partaking in this fashion trend, be sure to choose high-quality pieces so they add to an outfit instead of drawing attention away from it and not for the right reasons. Simple is better in this situation, so opt for one stone on an unusual chain or mix a fancy semi-precious stone with a very basic chain. The contract provides the individual with a bohemian look, and this is only one of many styles a person will find when they locate the perfect jewelry store.

Geometrical Earrings

Pick up some earrings in geometrical shapes and others will appreciate your fashion sense. Don’t simply settle for squares or triangles either. Think outside the box and pick up a spiral pair or a set that is in the shape of a rhombus. The ideas are endless as geometrical shapes come in so many forms.

Start looking for new fashion jewelry pieces now. The holidays are here and the prices are being slashed. Now is the time to pick up a few pieces that can be worn immediately and well into the future. You won’t regret your purchases when you see how good they look on you.