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Finding Similarities Between Golf and Life

What One Needs To Be Aware Of The History Of Golf.

From the research done by the historians, there is a need to know that from a ball and a club that was in Europe, that is where golf came from. Most of the historians as well as other individuals are not yet aware of the original name of golf. Another research shows that a ball at one time was hit and due the strength applied, it went and hit a place that hard a mark on the ground, and then the result was golf sport.I

There has been gain in regards to popularity by golf sort since the older days. As a result of two teams playing, while one was attacking and the other one defending, they resulted to golf sport. The young and the older people can engaging in the golf sport. Individuals who have some money, as well as those in the middle class, can also engage in golf sport.

It should be known that it is the Egyptians who made golf sport come to the Mediterranean where there were a lot of individuals. Where the word golf is a question that most individuals ask themselves. It was a game in Germany known as kolven. There are some research that claims that China was where golf evolved. Golf paganica was a regular game played by Romans which later came to be associated with golf. It shows the golf sports images were used. Golf was known as the main game associated with any other game that was played by the use of a stick. In another historical book, it is noted that golf resulted from another game which was known as hurlery. What comes to mind when you see young individuals engaging in any game that includes a stick is golf.

The Definition of two words in China should be known by an individual.An individual should ensure that he is aware of two the meaning of two words in China. The two words are Chui and wan. Chui is used by the chinese as they want to refer to one being able to strike. When the Chinese use the wan word, they are talking about the small balls. Golf Sporting Is related very much to Chuiwan as a game.With the Chuiwan game, we get to see that they are related with golf sporting. The relationship comes in such that the rules used in playing the Chuiwan game are similar to the ones in golf sport played today.

Two things being held by a boy on his hand will be seen by an individual through the window. The two things are a stick on one hand and the other hand holding the ball. Clearly, the ball will be hit by the boy using the stick. As the research shows, Chuiwan was an individual in China who introduce golf sport. A relationship there comes as the rules used are the same in both Chuiwan and golf sport.

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