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The Guide To Renting Houseboats

A lot tourists are attracted by the houseboat concept in Alleppey, India. It is very exciting to be able to live backwaters in a huge private houseboat while on a vacation. The concept of Houseboat evolved from the coastal regions of Kerala and has since spread to other places like the coastal areas of Alleppey. Today there are more than eight hundred houseboats operating in the backwaters, and the number of people who come for the houseboat stay is soaring high. For any tourist, it is always better to get a prior reservation than to walk in to a houseboat, there might be chances that you might not get one when you are on your tour. The houseboats have a wide range of offering as they have both day time cruise as well as night cruise. There are always certain important facts you need to know before planning a houseboat cruise and making a reservation for it.

Of great importance is to check how old the boat is first. This is very important as most of the houseboats found in Alleppey are made of wood. A yearly maintenance is always done to keep it in good condition. When considering how old the boat is, the physical condition always gives it away. The average lifespan of a houseboat is approximately six to ten years.

It is important to understand that the prices for houseboats are really expensive. The reason for them being expensive is that the operating expenses are equally high. The driver, engine operator and a chef. The rent charged by each houseboat tenant varies as it is not standardized. The quality of services found on board the houseboat is what determines the amount of rent that is charged on it. So if you find a less priced houseboat then the quality of the boat and the services provided would be accordingly.

The other important aspect to be considered is the cruising route to be taken by the boat. One is taken through a round trip from Alleppey to Kerala or the other way round is also possible. By this, one has to be taken through the backwaters via the villages in Kerala to Alleppey while enjoying the coastal areas as well as the natives. The more the cruising hours it takes, the more would be the rent.

The other aspect to be considered is the food served in the houseboat. If you have special meal preference, you would need to ask for it much in advance.

The normal check out time is nine in the morning while check out time is 12pm. This hours are however determined by your operator. One should keep in mind that boarding times are always fixed and that one has to work around them.

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