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How to Rock Peaky Blinders Haircuts

Peaky blinders haircuts is a not a new name in the men’s haircuts. These stylish haircuts are now famous and are competing with other old styles such as Stranger Things and Game of Thrones. Being popular as they are, this haircuts guide will elaborate to you everything you should know about peaky blinders and how to style them.

From the top levelled hats to hairstyles, we all admire how the Birmingham dudes present themselves. However, in this guide we will focus primarily on their haircuts. So read below to understand more about these beautiful men’s haircuts.

  1. Tom Shelbly H

This is a short cropped haircut incorporating shaved sides and back and a short textured top. The side hair is not trimmed down to the skin, rather enough hair is left to offer a full coverage to the head. The top hair length is styled to the front, and allowed to come down and across the top.

  1. Arthur Shelby H

This is a common haircut nowadays. The hair at the back and sides is trimmed short and. Do you like to know the fun behind the look of this haircut? Well, in 1920s two years after the Second World War, men trimmed the hair at the back and sides to prevent them from getting lice and nits. However, today men shave it to show style.

  1. John Shelby H

This hairstyle is almost a combo of Arthur and Tom Shelby’s styles. The hair is entirely shaves on the sides, but the hair at the top is kept long like that of Arthur, though still straight as that of Tom. This haircut is pretty easy to style and keep.

If you want to rock this beautiful look, you will need to maintain the top hair elongated and shave the back and the sides so that the style doesn’t appear untidy. John Shelby sports this hairstyle effortlessly and surely looks great on him.

  1. Michael Gray H

Perhaps, the most formal haircut among all peak blinders haircuts. The hair at the sides is kept slightly longer and subtly floppy at the top. Some pomade product is used to hold the hair together.

This is pretty versatile haircut and can be worn in both formal and informal occasions. It is quite common haircut among men today. Unlike the other peaky blinders styles, this one is more formal and ideal for everyday life.

  1. Alfie Solomon’s H

This peaky blinder haircut is all about the beards. The hair at the sides is shaved down but it is not faded so that it meets the beard, giving the face an excellent framing. This is an ideal style to choose if you have round-shaped face since the beards elongates it. So, if you have grown beards like Alfie, choose to join your head manes to the facial hair for a glam and cleaner finish.

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