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Between Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty

Inner and outer beauty. A magical word for girls in every part of the world. Girls are trying desperately for this one. Especially to keep the appearance to stay beautiful. Yet without us knowing, every girl in this world is born beautiful. If some say not pretty, it’s just the judgment of people. Where there is a handsome girl. Everywhere yes beautiful girl.  Okay before we analyze which is more important, I’ll clear the difference between these two discussions.
Outer Beauty

Between Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty

Inner beauty is a jet of a clean heart that makes us look beautiful. This inner beauty can be related to someone. For example, when we have a good heart. Never revenge the same people, gentle, cheerful, always able to support the people closest, help while able, or other good qualities that certainly is not fake good and made-up. Surely it will be displayed automatically. So we will look beautiful. How to keep this natural beauty from within is to throw away the negative nature and keep trying to improve ourselves for the better.

While outer beauty is a radiance from outside. Outer beauty is related to the physical person. A person who has an outer beauty is usually judged physically, not personality. For example has beautiful hair, a proportionate body shape, smooth and bright skin, and so on. How to keep the outer beauty is to take care of our body naturally and treatment with chemicals that are currently being rampant.

Not many people can really keep inner beauty on her. While outer beauty can be treated by everyone, want the evil, good all can care for outer beauty. Inner beauty only exists in some girls. Usually, the girls who had inner beauty had a sincere heart. His good and sincere nature is what makes him different from the girls who have outer beauty. Because of the beauty of the eternal heart in the world and in the hereafter. While the beauty of the face is not eternal, can fade with time.

Which is More Important? Inner beauty or Outer beauty?

Actually, both are important. Not maybe people do not see our appearance from the outside. Surely people will think positive if we see our appearance is clean, fashionable, and well maintained. Moreover, we are women.
But inner beauty is much more important. For example, if we applying for a job, the first most certainly the skill, the personality, new appearance. Continue to live companion also so. Usually, the most important person is seen.

Because people are looking for a life companion to be able to guide him when he fell, the happy part when he was happy. Useless dong pretty but it’s not good 🙂 in boys would not want to keep worrying because his girl is flirt with the other guy.