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Among the many different things that are essential if humans are to grow to their full potential. Despite being basic need, some people do not have food. Starvation is really dangerous as when the body is not nourished, the organ fail which leads to eventual death. To boost food security, many counties have taken it upon themselves to donate food to affected counties. Donating these food commodities to countries that are hunger stricken is the best humanitarian help that a country blessed with so much food can do. There are some important elements that one must have in mind first before donating food.

Before you donate food to ensure that you check the food for the nutrition content; it should be high. This is essential as you want to improve the quality of their life as well as avoid malnutrition. When people are malnourished, it is difficult for them to lead a normal life. An example of a nutrient dense food is spirulina which is a superfood with almost all the needed nutrients.

It is also essential to ensure that humanitarian aid food is of excellent quality; only donate food if it is of a quality that you will it, if you cannot at that why do you give it to someone else. Conduct tests as that is how you can find out if the food products are safe for human consumption. To avoid any scandals, ensure that you have it tested because in the event something happens, you will be held accountable.

Additionally, it is important to consider the source of the food aid since most of the food you do not plant instead you buy from other farmers. It is vital to ensure that all the food has been grown in the most natural conditions for optimum health benefits.

Finally, before you ship food to the affected areas, it is vital that you ensure that the food has been well choosing in that, you should make sure that you choose food that has no pest and are of quality; after that, you should make sure that the food is packed in a way that it will last longer. It is thus essential to train your staff as that will avoid any packaging and preparation issues when working. The effort and work put into preparing the food will influence the quality of the food that you give in the long run; therefore do not settle for unqualified people as that may cause you a lot of trouble.

It is not only about food donation but doing all that is possible within our means to restore human dignity that was otherwise robbed by starvation.

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