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Benefits of E-prescribing.

The rise of technology has affected all the sectors of the economy. The medical field too has not been left behind. The online platform is where the patients ‘today are focus on to get assistance with drugs. The is a reduction in the cost of their drugs that are prescribed. There has been establishment of online pharmacies out of this need. They usually operate through the internet. What they do is that they send orders to customers through the mails or using shipping companies.

E-prescribing helps a lot in saving time and also resources. The delivery of the prescription is directly to the computer systems of the pharmacies. Keying in of the manual data by the pharmacy staff is thus not required. It helps to improve the safety of the patient. Wrong way of the prescription interpretation is very hard through using this methodology. Using the e-prescription of drugs lowers costs. It eliminates paper work as the order reaches the pharmacy instantly.

One great advantage of having to use e-prescription is that there is prevention of drug errors. There are many errors that are made mainly through handwriting. Loss or lack of the patients files make it impossible for the physician to know the status of the patient. Through the electronic means there is provision of prescription history. The chances of dispensing the wrong medication is thus eliminated.

A better way of tracking down controlled substances is done best through the e-prescriptions. Through the system there can be reflection of the controlled substances that a certain patient has received. Through thus there is therefore an elimination of over prescribing. This records can be tracked down easily by the controlling body.

The staff response in the filling of refill requests is reduced. This makes it even very easy for the physician to fill out emergency refill. This is mainly done for the patient who is travelling and one who runs out of their medicine. The risks of readmission are eliminated by e-prescriptions. The system has set in commands and alerts for duplicate therapy. There is a reduction of the risk of adverse drug reaction. When using the manual methodology this becomes very hard.

There is instant verification of insurance through e-prescribing. Whether their benefits allow them to get served is what the patients check. After checking they can easilyt takes drugs with them after filling the form. Double entry of patient’s prescriptions is common in the manual format. E-prescription allows the patient to fill in the prescription in a single electronic document.

In pharmacy stores, the record of lost prescriptions has been high. This occurs mainly in the paper based prescriptions. At times they are never filled and in other times they are forgotten. What the patient will be forced to do is rewriting them. Using the e-prescription the sending of the prescription is made directly to the pharmacy. This is what creates a very accountable and convenient working method.

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