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Reasons why Women Wear Watches in Their Right Hand

Watches are one of the most popular accessories that are worn by both male and female. Time is important for all of us and we need to keep looking at it every now and then. Watches are of many categories: luxury, quality and normal watches. The watch making industry has emerged as one of the most consistent and popular industries of all time. To buy the best watch is dream for many and why wouldn’t it be when we have a gamut of variety and brands for the same. In a watch only one can have a zillion features.

Be it be your to-do list, organizer for work schedule, fitness recorder and what not, you can get all of these features in your watch. Some of them go a step beyond that and secure you with a GPRS, emergency button etc. This not only spruce your status and be a status symbol but also adds in your safety and security.

The wide collection of watches will dazzle your eyes and confuse you which one to buy. In this article we will talk about 3 reasons why women wear watches in their right hand. So let us have a look at some of the trending reasons:

  • The concept of women wearing watches in the right hand does not have any specific reasons as such. Actually, different women have their own preferences. Many wear watches in the left hand also, but many of them are accustomed to wearing them in the right hand. However women who are left handed wear their watches in the right hand for tackling other works with their left hands. But there are also women who wear it in their right hand because of their preferences even if they do other chores with the same hand.
  • Wearing watches in the right hand has been a trend among women. The trend spreads all over the world, which makes the females wear their luxurious watch in their right hand. However it is obvious that it depends on their preferences. But we need to accept the fact that the trend of women wearing watches in their right hand has been very popular and is still followed by them. Thus we can now relate women with wearing their watches in the right and men in their left hand. We can consider it as a tradition.
  • Wearing watches in the left hand can also be related to a psychological preference. There is no compulsion that women have to wear them in their right hand, but many women wear watch in the left hand because they have been brought up with the custom of wearing them in that particular hand. Their parents may have accustomed them to wearing it in the right hand since childhood. Therefore they still wear it in their left hand instead of their right hand.

So if you have read this article you now know why women wear watches in their right hand. There is no specific reason behind it, but it is just a common trend and psychological view as to why they wear it. Watches have been exciting us for a long time, with their beautiful, attractive and unique designs. Men and women have been wearing them on every occasion, daily routine and doing other chores because keeping track of your time is very important. Doing things on time and maintaining a good stability of it helps you to achieve the best out of it.