Saturday, January 19, 2019
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The Best Corporate Gifts for your Partner

Gifts present obvious interests for your commercial actions in the short and long term, create and sustain a harmonious business relationship. These tools are the best corporate gift ideas because they are very interesting and helps in enhancing the loyalty of your customers by rewarding your key contacts.

Remain in the minds of customers: These objects can become real advertising weapons. A double effect: to please and occupy the field! Just talk to salespeople discovering on the desk of their best contacts a beautiful agenda stamped with the logo of their main competitor.

Reward supplier partners: Your relationship with your suppliers is cultivated, even if it may seem less obvious at first sight. Do not forget to take special care of those who will accompany you in your development.

On What Occasion?

At the end of the year – This is the best time to express your appreciation to your customers. You can buy printed corporate t-shirts to impress him/her. This practice has also entered into the habits and customs. So many customers expect, in December or January, “their” gifts offered their suppliers. It’s up to you to differentiate yourself by using your imagination to find the rewarding gift that will truly delight and surprise your interlocutors with its originality.

In conclusion of an important business – The signing of a contract is an opportunity to strengthen the nascent commercial connection. Be careful however: if your gift is valuable, wait to have signed to offer it. Indeed, it should not be confused bribery and thank you! Your prospect might not take it.

For the launch of a new product or service offer – Presenting a gift during the launch is a great way to increase the impact of your offer in the minds of your customers.

During a living room – It’s a classic. We are talking here about small items and personalized advertising items bearing the mark of your brand. We are talking of a interesting lever to open the doors of dialogue and to remember later your interlocutors.

For other types of events – Change of ownership, exceptional year, appointment at your place or at your customer’s place. Events are numerous and there so many opportunities to capitalize on an enriched relationship.

How to choose a gift for your customers?

This is a prickly question that trots in lots of heads and maybe yours as well. To help you choose, here are some important criteria to consider. Be careful, however, this tool must be part of a commercial action plan, just like the other levers at the service of the development of the company.

Taking into account the target and its value

Be interested in the characteristics of your target: age, socio-professional category, interests. For example, for a young athlete running addict, you can direct your preference on a connected watch. Be careful to respect a consistent choice.

Customized to your brand and logo?

Again, it’s all about consistency. What is your objective? Print your brand in the recipient’s head? In this case, then yes, personalization to your identity is not discussed. On the other hand, if you want to offer a valuable present or considered it, it must not have advertising attributes.

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