Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Those Don Johnson Shirts Were Great

My mom and dad used to always watch TV when I was growing up. I remember when Don Johnson used to go and wear all of those Hawaiian shirts. I thought that it as just a phase that my dad was going through but it turned out that he was trying to emulate what he was seeing on the show that he watched with my mom. My mom sent me a pic from a Kawaii clothing company and all of the shirts looked like the style that my dad used to wear back in the day. My dad never told me that he used to drive my mom crazy with all of his different shirts, a lot of them were the same exact print but he had one in every single color that they made. He said that if he found something that he liked then he would make sure that he got one in every single color because it was hard to say no to them.

My mom told me that when they went on vacation he ended up buying so many of them that they had to go to the store and buy a whole new suit case just for the new shirts that he bought while he was on vacation. My dad said that my mom was not very happy with him and I thought that it was his way of being cute but it was never the same thing. They would tell me two entirely different stories of what happened and I told them that it was really important to try to get to the truth of the matter because it was so important. I knew that I wanted to speak with my dad about the matter when they got home but he had eight shirts and that was all I needed to know.

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