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Tips on How to Find the Perfect Dress

Every woman needs to have that one beautiful dress that makes her feel exquisite. Even if a woman does not normally enjoy wearing dresses, finding the perfect one can change her mind and help her adventure out into the world of more feminine fashions. With this helpful information, women will discover how to find the perfect dress, so they will be able to add it to their clothing collection and enjoy wearing it for many exciting occasions.

How to Choose the Right Dress

Body type matters when it comes to choosing the right dress for any occasion. Most women know this to be true because they have seen their friends wear a certain style beautifully and when they tried it on, it did not look the same. Choosing a dress based on the body type will help a woman to accentuate her best features and downplay those she is not so happy with.

  • Pear shapes need straight dresses that fall in a slight A-line. The dress length should fall just below the knee for the best look. Pear shapes are typically larger in their bottom half than the top, so it is important to counterbalance the two so they look more alike.
  • Thick waists should wear dresses that are empire waist or dropped waist styles. The idea is to break up the short, thick middle and make it look more elongated. Emphasizing the shoulders or neckline will draw the eyes up and away from the middle.
  • If a woman has small breasts, it is essential she does not choose a neckline that swoops too low. A rounded, higher neckline will make her breasts appear larger. A thick belt can also create this same illusion.
  • Wearing a layered dress is ideal for women who are on the thin side. This will make their form look curvier and add more dimension which will take away from their slim form and make them appear more voluptuous.

Start Shopping Now

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