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Tried And True Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles

An asymmetrical bob hairstyle presents an edgy feel to the common look, which can be customised further using curls and different shades. To bring the effect you are looking to exude, you should keep it more significant.

If you keep one length different from the other, the effect won’t be too much noticeable. Go through our best picks of asymmetrical bobs. We are sure you will get one to rock your looks. See the content source here.

1.Sharp Choppy Bob

Are you looking for a super low maintenance asymmetrical bob? This should be what you have been looking for. The blunt cut is ideal for ladies with curly hair or even those with fine straight and sleek locks, and it doesn’t need much styling, hence it is an easy hairstyle in upkeep. It feels so good to sleep with your hair wet and wake up with a glam style like this.

2.Lavender A-Line Look

This hairstyle is also yet another eye-appealing haircut which is an excellent alternative to silver or grey hair if you want a hairstyle with subtly added shade. The best thing about it is that it matches many skin colours and different types of hair textures-it looks great on most of them.

3.Shaggy Uneven Bob

Sexy and feminine, this hairstyle features intricately tousled curls that appears cute in almost all colours, but looks great when some honey highlights are added. Incorporating a side deep parting enhances some unique flair, and the dark layers underneath reveals depth and adds more drama to the beautiful beach curls.

4.Blunt Bob And Angled Side

These short bangs never get out of fashion. However, to maintain the freshness and win more head turns, transform the blunt bowl style to an angled bob on either side to get this cute and adorable asymmetrical bob. Adding the angle and layers makes this cut fashionable and bring the perfection to its peak.

5.Deep Red Pixie Half Asymmetrical Bob

The stunning maroon hair hue gives the idea foundation for this short bob. The cut is subtly and sharply angled to the side to give perfect spikey pieces that can be texturized by texturiser or using pomade. It is effortless to style since all you need is taking the finger through the trimmings to come up with the groovy pieces.

6.Curly Bob with Cute Highlights

Women with fine hair can still include layers in their asymmetrical bobs to come up with an enhanced fullness. The style also utilises dark base and highlights for volume and dimension. The spiral waves amplify the volume further. For a more gorgeous look ensure you compliment your makeup hue to this hairstyle-you can use the eye shadow. That is usually an excellent way to come up with an entirely coordinated hairstyle.